Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lil Heads...

My plan for this week was to make as many small heads as I could.  So far I've made 17.  I'd like to have 30 ready to put in the kiln by friday.  Pretty sure I can reach that goal.  I've also made a bunch more magnets, and in a different style than before.  For this new magnet series I'm using my colored slips and I'm drawing/carving on the clay to create the flowers.  I'm hoping to expand it to stuff other than flowers.  Today I'm going to attempt to make a little magnet picture of Mt Hood, as well as one that features the state outline of Oregon.  Yes, I'm making touristy things.  Fuck off.  I'm trying to operate a successful business here.  I figure I can sell out up to 25% and still maintain my dignity.  I haven't yet turned my heads into key holders, so back off.


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