Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on Lil Heads...

So my theory seems to be working.  This past weekend I had a whole bunch of lil heads in my booth.  I believe my final numbers were 13 lil heads sold vs 3 big heads sold.  My new magnets didn't generate much buzz, but I think once I re-arrange my booth and get them more present they should catch some more eyes.  Also hard at work on beads and pendents.  I'm determined to get a piece of that jewelry pie, guys.

Update on wind chimes:  Almost there.  Lot's of setbacks with this project, but once I finally get it figured out it should be successful.

Update on masks:  I believe this weekend I'll have a few wearable masks in my booth.  This is a project I'm very excited about it, and if I log enough hours and get more familiar with the materials and whatnot, this thing could be my go-to item.  My goal is to offer them in my booth for Halloween season and see what kind of response I get.  If it's a favorable respose then I would spend 6 weeks in New Orleans this winter selling them on the streets, then start up the new season at Saturday Market.  While in New Orleans my goal would be to sell masks, establish a pipeline with a shop or two that would carry my masks, and hopefully find a place that would want to show and sell my ceramic art.  I doubt any of this will happen.  However, I am getting a smidge better at reaching goals these days.


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