Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Plan...

Saturday Market has been kicking my ass lately.  Rather than fight it and continue to have spotty sales, I've decided to alter my business plan.  The new plan is to decrease focus on the heads, while increasing focus on more accessible items.  I'll be making a strong push towards garden art (wind chimes, bird feeders, things like that).  Also will be focusing more on the colorful bowls.   Making some bigger, making some more suitable for food, etc.  Plan is to still keep heads in the booth, but less heads.  I'll probably have one rack of small heads, one rack of big heads, and one rack of medium heads.  I'm hoping to have all this sorted out by the end of August.  I should add though, that I'm planning on getting my heads into galleries.  I think that's where they belong.  The Johnson family that's visiting from Ohio doesn't give a shit about my heads.  And I'm tired of families making goofy ass comments about my art.  So, that's an update on where my head is at when it comes to my booth.  Now I have to get busy making wind chimes.



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