Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on Lil Heads...

So my theory seems to be working.  This past weekend I had a whole bunch of lil heads in my booth.  I believe my final numbers were 13 lil heads sold vs 3 big heads sold.  My new magnets didn't generate much buzz, but I think once I re-arrange my booth and get them more present they should catch some more eyes.  Also hard at work on beads and pendents.  I'm determined to get a piece of that jewelry pie, guys.

Update on wind chimes:  Almost there.  Lot's of setbacks with this project, but once I finally get it figured out it should be successful.

Update on masks:  I believe this weekend I'll have a few wearable masks in my booth.  This is a project I'm very excited about it, and if I log enough hours and get more familiar with the materials and whatnot, this thing could be my go-to item.  My goal is to offer them in my booth for Halloween season and see what kind of response I get.  If it's a favorable respose then I would spend 6 weeks in New Orleans this winter selling them on the streets, then start up the new season at Saturday Market.  While in New Orleans my goal would be to sell masks, establish a pipeline with a shop or two that would carry my masks, and hopefully find a place that would want to show and sell my ceramic art.  I doubt any of this will happen.  However, I am getting a smidge better at reaching goals these days.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lil Heads...

My plan for this week was to make as many small heads as I could.  So far I've made 17.  I'd like to have 30 ready to put in the kiln by friday.  Pretty sure I can reach that goal.  I've also made a bunch more magnets, and in a different style than before.  For this new magnet series I'm using my colored slips and I'm drawing/carving on the clay to create the flowers.  I'm hoping to expand it to stuff other than flowers.  Today I'm going to attempt to make a little magnet picture of Mt Hood, as well as one that features the state outline of Oregon.  Yes, I'm making touristy things.  Fuck off.  I'm trying to operate a successful business here.  I figure I can sell out up to 25% and still maintain my dignity.  I haven't yet turned my heads into key holders, so back off.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Television Update...

I figure since I claim to be a fan of television in my blog header I should devote a blog to it.  Here's what I've been watching lately, and what I'm looking forward to...

Currently Watching:

Curb --     I love this show so much that I'm willing to publicly out myself as a douche and call it "Curb".  This season has been excellent.  Larry is totally divorced from Cheryl and it seems to have unleashed a fierce comedic creativity into the show.  The latest episode, which was shot in NYC, was great.  Seeing Larry and Jeff drive around in a old Volvo with a periscope was awesome.  And I laughed out loud (lol) last week when Leon showed up in Larry's hotel room, threw open the drapes, and asked "What's up New York?!!!"  I also find it refreshing that there seems to be no ongoing theme, unless you count going to NY as a theme.  Sad there's only two eps left, guys.

Breaking Bad--       I won't say much because this is one of those shows everyone will catch up on at some point.  This season seems to be better than the previous three for some reason.  It seems like they're going all out with the camera angles, lack of dialogue, mood, tension, suspense, all that shit.  Can't wait to see where it's heading.  Each week makes me more nervous about where it's going.

The Glades---     This show isn't the greatest, but it involves a detective solving a murder every week and I like that stuff.  And it's set and filmed in South Florida, which I appreciate.  I have a crush on the lead actress on this show.  She played Bullock's girlfriend in The Perfect Getaway.  Each week the murder is pretty well crafted and it's fun to try and figure out whodunnit.

Entourage---     I hate this show, yet I've seen every episode.  So glad it's almost over and I can be done with these assholes forever.  Or, at least, until they make a movie.  Dice Clay has been involved in the storyline this season.  I can't stand him.  I hate this show, yet I can't quit it.  The only thing that will save this show, in my opinion, is if Sloan whips out those funbags.  Nips and all.  Preferably while wearing pegged blue jeans and high heels.

That's about it, I think.  Not much on right now.  However, a new tv season is around the corner and it's full of watchable stuff...

Parks and Recreation
The Office
Criminal Minds
Bored to Death
Mad Men
Boardwalk Empire
Modern Family
Monday Night Football
Sons of Anarchy
The Good Wife

Those are just the returning shows.  There's also a whole slew of new stuff that I'll be trying out once they premiere.  Until then...


New new plan...

Now I'm thinking it might behoove me to offer some heads at a more affordable price.  I've noticed that I always sell the smaller heads, so I'm planning on making a whole bunch of smaller sized heads.  I'm thinking I'll have some that are $20, as well as continuing to offer some heads in the $30-40 range.  So far this week I've made 13 small heads.  Hopefully I'll have them in my booth this weekend and can test my new new business plan.  That being said, I still plan on offering more non-head items.  First though, I want to build up inventory on the small heads.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Plan...

Saturday Market has been kicking my ass lately.  Rather than fight it and continue to have spotty sales, I've decided to alter my business plan.  The new plan is to decrease focus on the heads, while increasing focus on more accessible items.  I'll be making a strong push towards garden art (wind chimes, bird feeders, things like that).  Also will be focusing more on the colorful bowls.   Making some bigger, making some more suitable for food, etc.  Plan is to still keep heads in the booth, but less heads.  I'll probably have one rack of small heads, one rack of big heads, and one rack of medium heads.  I'm hoping to have all this sorted out by the end of August.  I should add though, that I'm planning on getting my heads into galleries.  I think that's where they belong.  The Johnson family that's visiting from Ohio doesn't give a shit about my heads.  And I'm tired of families making goofy ass comments about my art.  So, that's an update on where my head is at when it comes to my booth.  Now I have to get busy making wind chimes.



Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been logging quite a few hours lately trying to establish an internet identity.  I'm finding the whole thing to be a bit confusing.  I've reached this conclusion:  I need a proper website that has links to my blog, etsy, facebook, twitter, and email.  I thought I could accomplish this by just using a blog, but that doesn't seem to be happening.  Shit, I'll probably have to open a flickr account too.  Bear with me, guys.  Soon enough the internet version of myself will be organized and confident.  Until then....


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Year...

I just realized that I've been blogging here at paulsenland for nearly one year.  I promise to not have so many vacant months in my blog calendar this year.

Here's one of the other heads I sold last week at the market.  This was a companion piece to the one I regrettably sold to the kid from Vancouver, BC.  This one was purchased by someone from Olympia, I think...

It was encouraging that I sold both of those heads in the same weekend.  Here's what was learned from those two selling:

1.  I need to make more heads like this, which I did.  Made three of them yesterday.

2.  They sold for an average of $105.  Good to know I can get away with charging that much for a single head.

Happy Anniversary,