Monday, June 21, 2010

Stuff on my ipod...

This afternoon I was listening to my ipod and I stumbled upon Enya's Greatest Hits.  I listened to the whole thing and I loved it.  I didn't even bother to stop listening while I moved my bowels.  And that made me wonder if any guy, or gal, had ever listened to Enya with the headphones on while taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.  I can see listening to Enya while prancing through the forest.  I can imagine someone listened to Enya while painting.  I am certain Enya has been heard while sex is being peformed.  Penetrative, as well as oral, although it seems like it would be rude to wear headphones while that is happening.  I can see some goth kid having a midnight picinc at a graveyard while listening to Enya.  I've actually done that before, but I was listening to the Gin Blossoms when it happened.  Surely, somewhere last week a woman north of thirty five listened to Enya while gardening, but I doubt that she took a grumpy while listening to Enya.  No way. 

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