Friday, June 4, 2010

Testing, testing, testing....

This is a test. If this were an actual blog you would be reading about what I ate for breakfast. Since this is just a test I will inform the reader what I ate for lunch. I prepared a turkey/roast beef sandwich at approximately 1 PM. I heated both slices in the oven using the broiler heating option. One side of the sandwich had mushrooms hidden underneath a bed of roast beef and gouda, the other slice had turkey and gouda. Once the cheese had melted and the tips of the bread were toasty I removed the slices from the oven. I added mayo, tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce to round out the flavor and texture of my sandwich. I ate the sandwich nude, meaning I did not accompany the sandwich with chips, which is my preferred method for eating sandwiches. The sandwich was delicious. Again, this was just a test of my new blog. In the interest of full disclosure I should clarify that I was not nude while eating the sandwich. The sandwich was without accompaniment. I hope no one was confused by this. I was fully clothed during the whole procedure.

Taking the New Blog for a Test Drive,


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