Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nectarine and Chicken Salad...

Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge and put together a pretty decent salad.  So decent that I'm willing to share the recipe on my web log:

Bed of baby spinach and green leaf lettuce
two nectarines
two ears of corn (grilled on the bbq)
two chicken breasts (teriyaki marinade, grilled on bbq)
ten stalks of asparagus (grilled on bbq)
two slices of swiss cheese (cut into little bitty pieces)
half a cucumber (diced)


the juice and gatherings from an overripe mango (squeezed through a sieve)
a splash of cran/strawberry/banana juice
tablespoon of cream cheese

In hindsight I should have thrown some nuts in there.  And the swiss cheese part would probably work better with one of those fancy dry crumbled cheeses.



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