Saturday, June 12, 2010


I just checked Bill Simmon's Twitter page to see what he had to say about the World Cup match.  There was a link on one of his tweets to an article in US Weekly that mentions something that Adam Carolla said on Simmon's podcast.  Corolla mentioned that maybe Jennifer Aniston thinks like a man, and that might be why she's single at 41.  He also made a joke about her sleeping her way through Hollywood, Gerard Butler style.  Pretty tame stuff really.  But I was more interested in the comments that this "story" produced.  Here's one that caught my eye:

this kind chauvinstic men, that why jen has many attackers from losers like this and many other loosrs.who can'nt handle strong single successful woman. it shows from thier statment.

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  1. nice lawn and account of hiking. the hike and view make me miss tucson. i realize tucson does not have much on the gorge, but when you live in texas you are easily impressed.