Sunday, August 15, 2010


A couple of weeks ago one of my heads went to head heaven.  I keep about fifty of my heads hanging on the wall where I work.  There was a glaze spill in the area where this fella was residing.  My co-worker brought the mop out and accidentally knocked over my guy with the mop handle.  Luckily, I documented him some time back.  I remember he was one of the first heads I made after my three year break from ceramics.  During that break I did a number of landscaping projects and started my old myspace blog.  Those two activities were enough to satisfy my creativity, so ceramics took a back seat for a while.  Then, in 08, I ordered a bag of terra cotta clay in an effort to get back on the ceramic horse.  They ended up sending me eight bags of clay.  I took this as a sign that I was supposed to be making a bunch of ceramic stuff.  And make a bunch of ceramic stuff I did.  I tore through those eight bags of terra cotta clay, making enough terra cotta pieces that, I suspect, when my work is viewed in chronological order, this particular stretch will be called my "terra cotta era".  Anyway, I really liked this guy.  He was on of my faves and I'm sorry he's gone.  Sometimes I get attached to the heads that I make, and this was definitely one of them.  God Speed, terra cotta green haired guy with the big black eye.  You will be missed....

And here's a shot after I pulled his remains out of the garbage:

My co-worker felt really bad about the accident, partly because this was the second time he had accidentally killed one of my heads.  He insisted on buying me something to make up for my loss, so he bought me a 3-D plastic rendering of Jon Bon Jovi's shoulder tattoo:

I'm Sure Jon Bon's Skull Will Feel Right at Home Alongside my Plastic Dreamcatcher,


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