Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Clothes Department at the Truck Stop...

A couple of months ago I stopped off at one of the truck stops in Troutdale to buy a fountain drink.  I had spent the previous four hours hiking and the last hour of that hike thinking of nothing but how refreshing a  fountain drink would be.  I reached the truck stop and was pleasantly surprised to see that they shared real estate with Popeye's.  In addition to my fountain drink I was able to sample a Popeye's Po Boy chicken sandwich, which was really good.  I even kept the pickles on the sandwich so as to experience the Po Boy the way God intended.  I must say, I think I may turn into a pickle guy.  Oddly enough, I had my first pickle at a truck stop about four years ago.  I believe my buddy Dave documented the event in photographic form.  That's probably the only "first" in my life that's ever been captured.  Speaking of capturing images, here's some shots I took of the clothes they sell at the Troutdale Truck Stop....

For people that only purchase Christian items:

This would probably go best with a nice denim mini:

I love funny shirts.  My buddy Packy's dad wears a shirt that says "What part of 'you don't get it' don't you get?"  This one is less complicated but just as clever and funny:

They also had some rock and roll shirts for sale.  I narrowed my choices to these two:

I ended up purchasing the Skynyrd shirt because I really like Skynyrd.  However, I can't wear it in public because of the whole Confederate flag thing.  And it's Skynyrd, so people would probably think I'm trying to be ironic or something.  Which leads me declare that from here on out I will only wear solid colored t-shirts, preferably from Banana Republic or Eddie Bauer.  I've sampled those brands and determined they make a fine product.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that my Drive By Trucker t-shirts, as well as my North Face sport-fit t-shirts will still be in my rotation under a Grandfather Clause.  So really what I'm saying is this:  all future t-shirt purchases will be of solid color with no advertisements.  I suspect this will make me appear mysterious, but that's okay.

Keep on Truckin',


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