Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is just a test to see if you are actually reading my web log.  You gave me sh*t for not posting enough, yet I can't even tell if you are reading this ridiculous area of the web.  I'll say this this...your family policy on no one wearing shoes in the house is going to cause an accident.  All it's gong to take is a guest to reenact Billie Jean and there's going to be a fall.  Your floors are too clean,  Scuff em up, bra.



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  1. I am sorry, but my computer crashed and I just got a new one. I do read the web log and I don't appreciate you thinking that I don't. BTW, I had my computer guy over to set up the system today and he was very taken by the heads I have on my office wall. He asked out of the blue "Would you call those masks?" and I said "The artist calls them heads." to which he replied "well, whatever you call them, they're extraordinary!" Thought you would like to know. Dave