Sunday, November 21, 2010

A hat for Dave...

Dave, I found a hat that would look pretty good on you.  It's by a brand named "Ed Hardy" and it screams sophistication,  class, and subtlety (SCS).  If you don't like the dragon theme, that's okay because they have lots of other themes to choose from.  They have eagles, bears, and tigers.  They even have classy sailor tattoo themed hats.  I've built up enough store credit to buy any item priced $30 or less at half price.  I could totally get you one.  Let me know, k?



  1. I'm glad that the hat photo didn't work and it ruined your flippin' hilarious post. You should have ended your hat themed tirade with the "Hindenburg Disaster", now your just coming off as mean. Love Dave

  2. BTW, I downloaded some comedy death ray and will listen shortly. I'll let ya know...