Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm planning on trying to blog more often.  I feel like my twitter account has rendered blogging useless, which is a shame because I used to love blogging back in the myspace days.  So, in an effort to not let my writing "skills" further atrophy, I will be making a conscious effort to blog more.  Look at that.  Atrophy, man.  I can't figure out where the damn commas go.  How the hell am I supposed to fix that?  I can fix a misspelled word, but a comma?  That's going to require a lot of legwork on my own.  Ugghh.

Here's a picture of my favorite piece.  I sold it for a hundred bucks last weekend at Portland Saturday Market.  I felt horrible afterwards because I wanted to keep it for my own collection, but the kid who bought it really wanted it.  It was the first time he had ever bought a piece of art.  And he lives in Vancouver, BC, which is kind of cool.  That city is on my bucket list.

I remember now why I stopped blogging.  It just took four minutes to retrieve that photo.  #needtofixmycomputer

Dang it, this isn't twitter.  Stop hashtagging.



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